Frequently Asked Questions


Why use Zaptag e-safe?

Zaptag e-safe is unique, it delivers the essential information online, when you need it most at the point of care or incident.

How much does membership cost?

Start your own online secure Zaptag Personal e-safe account today:

Where is the data saved?

All customer data is encrypted in transmission and storage on our infrastructure, hosted securely and robustly in the IEX-Europe Matrix facilities.

How is security maintained on the website to ensure my data is protected?

Zaptag utilises the highest industry standards practices and procedures. All customer data is encrypted in transmission and storage, hosted securely and robustly in the IEX- Europe Matrix facilities and backed up by Iron Mountain, a gold standard for storage and protection of information and data.

What information can I save in my account?

You can save as much information as you wish in your account, with no limit on storage volume or file sizes, including:

What happens if I forgot to renew my membership. If I then renew it after the expiry date, will my account information be saved?

Yes, your information will be stored and you can reactivate your account. For your convenience, all data is held after expiry of an account, unless requested otherwise.

What is the limit to the file sizes that I or my doctor can upload?

There is no limit to the size of the documents that can be uploaded. This is the unique benefit as large scans and images can be saved.