Putting you in control of your health

The Zaptag personal health record application provides an innovative system for managing your health enabling you to securely aggregate and protect your health, travel and personal information using a standard web browser.

It puts you in control of essential information that can affect vital decisions about your own health. And you have the ability to create, manage and share information securely in an online environment. The right information, in the right place at the right time, delivering the right health decisions for you.

The account is private to you and you have the ability to share elements with your trusted health partners. You can also create an Emergency record which can be accessed by first responders. Be safer in an emergency so medical staff can always access designated emergency information.


Your Health Choices

  • All your medical information under your control to reduce medical errors.
  • Improve health outcomes through positive informed health advice.
  • Potentially lifesaving. Carry your emergency card, so medical staff can always access selected records 24/7.

For Travel

  • Going on holiday, travelling or away for work, have your essential information with you.
  • Be safer when you are away with your health records and travel documents at your fingertips.
  • Keep track of current medication, which is easily shared with pharmacists and doctors.
  • Medication details available in a lost luggage or delayed situation.